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3 M's for a Positive Workplace

3 M's.png

Being new to the workforce doesn’t mean that you are powerless in choosing which workplace is right for you. Our research shows that graduates seriously consider where they would like to work, and a crucial component is positive workplace mental health culture.   

This infographic identifies the 3 M’s that help create a positive workplace culture. Some of these pointers were provided by students, while others were mentioned by employers. With these pointers, we can create an ideal workplace for everybody. 

This research project entitled the “Educational, Social and Health Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Graduates’ Transitioning into the Workplace” is funded by the Collaborative Research Fund of the HKSAR Research Grants Council (Project Code: C7086-21G). With this project, we interviewed university students, HR managers, and employers working in professional services about their views towards graduates’ transition to the workplace.  

Click on the infographic to see it in PDF form
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