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May 2024 (date TBC)
HKURIICH Webinar "Thriving in a Workplace: Insights for Graduates"

Upcoming event

7 December 2023
Collaborative Research Fund cum Research Impact Fund Symposium 2023 

At this annual Hong Kong Research Grants Council Event, we delivered a presentation and a research poster on the qualitative and quantitative findings from our project to academics, stakeholders and the general public. 

RGC POSTER v2.2.png
31 May 2023 
HKURIICH & IC4CH Interactive Panel Discussion "Transitioning from University to the Workforce During and Post COVID-19” 

We presented qualitative and quantitative research findings from our project, and explored how we can apply our research findings to develop evidence-based support strategies and interventions to improve graduates’ university-to-workplace transitions during and after times of crisis. The event also featured a panel discussion with the main stakeholders of our CRF project, namely, university students, graduates, university staff representatives and workplace representatives from across different industries.

14-17 Feb 2023 
HKU Virtual Career Fair 2023

We delivered a talk "Transitioning to the workplace during COVID-19: Mental Health and what graduates expect vs. what employers want" to university students.

HKU Virtual Career Fair 2023.jpeg
14-15 Feb 2022
2023 International Symposium on Communication on Healthcare

We delivered an invited talk "Transitioning to the workplace during COVID-19: Mental health and what graduates expect vs. what employers want".

13 Oct 2022

We delivered a talk "Understanding graduates' mental health during workplace transitions" in the webinar "Speaking our minds: Studies of language, mental health and stigma".

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