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Workplace Resources

Useful resources for students and graduates
Sharing from former Director of Careers & Placement (CEDARS, HKU)
Ms. Jaime Fung, Project Collaborator

"Our mission was to empower students and graduates in building their personalized career journeys, enriching their skills and experiences, enabling them to contribute to their organizations and the community, and bringing about meaningful impacts..."
What are soft skills and hard skills in the workplace? Which skills do employers value and look for? Watch to find out more.
What are employers looking for? How has COVID-19 changed workplace expectations in Hong Kong? Listen to our two career experts and their sharing.
5 Key Soft Skills (1).png

5 Key Soft Skills

What are employers’ expectations on graduates’ soft skills? We interviewed 40 employers across different sectors to understand their experience working with interns and fresh graduates. Click the read more button for first-hand insiders' insights!


3 M’S: Co-creating a Positive Workplace

Research shows that positive workplace mental health culture is crucial in graduates’ choice of a prospective employer. We interviewed graduates and employers to find out what constitutes a positive workplace environment and how you can contribute to it.


3 B’S: A Proactive Employee

We have surveyed and interviewed employers and found that being a proactive employee is one of the most desirable traits they look for in fresh graduates. Here are three ways to become a more proactive employee.


Choose Your Own Productive Journey!

Are you thinking of improving your employability but unsure of the pathways available? Try out our interactive map to see what possibilities await!

Attracting Employees Cover.png

How to Attract the Best Graduates

Are you an employer looking for the best employees? We interviewed graduates about their workplace transition and found several key themes. In this infographic, we inform employers about what some of the most qualified graduates think of the workplace today.

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